User Guide to the APIWEB System


This guide is designed to assist users with the basic functionality of the APIWEB system.  It is divided into five areas as follows:


Login and Changing Your Password

1.    Login to the APIWEB system by entering your beekeeper registration number and your password and clicking on “Login”.



2.    Change password (if necessary) by clicking on “Change Password” on the left of the screen


3.    Enter your existing password and your new password into the respective text boxes. Your new password will need to be entered twice; once in the “new password” box and again in the “Confirm password” box.



4.    Once completed, click on the “Update” button



5.    A confirmation that your password has been changed will be displayed and you can click on “Continue” to take you back to the beekeeper summary screen.



Modifying Beekeeper Details


1.      Your beekeeper information can be updated by clicking on the “Modify Personal Details” button on the left of the screen



2.      Your details will then be displayed in text boxes which can be modified as required. Click on “Update” when completed.


Modifying Apiary Details and Disease Reporting


1.      Your apiary details can be updated by clicking on “Apiary Report”



2.      Then click on the MAF ID number of the apiary you wish to check / edit.

Note: You can sort your apiaries by clicking on the column headers.


3.      Edit any required fields and click “Update”.  Then click “Return” to go back to the apiary report screen



4.      From the screen above, you can report American foulbrood disease (AFB) in that apiary by clicking on “Report Disease”.

·         Select “AFB” from the drop down menu in the disease field

·         Type in the number of hives found

·         Use the calender (on the right of the entry boxes) to select both the date found and treatment date

·         Select treatment from the drop down menu

·         Click “Update”

·         Click “Return”


Adding and Deleting Apiaries


1.      You can add or delete apiaries by clicking on “Apiary Report”



2.      To add an apiary, select “Add Apiary” from the Apiary Report screen.



3.      Enter new apiary details and click on “Add Apiary” at the bottom of the page.


Note: A newly registered apiary will be coloured blue on the summary screen until accepted into the system by an apiary registrar.


4.      To delete apiaries click in the tick box to the right of the apiary in the Apiary Report screen and click on “Delete”


Note: A deleted apiary will be coloured gray on the summary screen until approved by an apiary registrar.


Completing your Annual Disease Return (ADR)

Before completing your ADR, you will need to check your beekeeper, apiary, and disease reporting information to ensure that the information in the database is accurate. If amendments are necessary, please follow the instructions above BEFORE completing the ADR return.


Note: If you have reported American foulbrood disease (AFB) or added or deleted apiaries, you will need to wait for the registrar to accept these edits before the ADR can be completed. Also, if your ADR return is current, this button will not be displayed.



1.      Once information is up-to-date, select “Annual Disease Return” from the navigation bar on the left of the screen.



2.      You will see the ADR screen with “return date”, “number of hives” and “number of apiaries” fields populated. Check that the apiary and hive numbers are accurate.  These will be populated from the information on APIWEB.

3.      “Disease summary correct” will be set to “N”. Select “Summary” to the right of the field.



4.      Check that all AFB reports for the season have been completed. If cases are missing, you will need to report these prior to submitting your ADR.


5.      If Disease report information is complete, click on the “Report correct” check box and Select “Update” at the top of the screen.  Note: If your hives have had no AFB disease, the table will be empty, as in the example below.




6.      Record any beehive sale or purchase information in the appropriate text box or alternatively click on the “none” check boxes on the right.



7.      Select “Send ADR” at the bottom of the screen.



You should see a confirmation box stating that you have submitted your ADR. Additionally, if you log out and log back in, the “Annual Disease Return” button will have disappeared.